A trustworthy and reliable buyer of home in the US.

Easy Knock is an American financial services company. They offer their clients the ability raise equity from selling their home with the option to rent it from the new owner post sale.


To convey the company as reliable, with efficient service.

Although a well-known financial process in the UK, realising equity and renting back in the US is new concept. The page needed to be informative for customers but also friendly and understanding.

The Solution

A design that compliments the brand’s integrity and offers a trustworthy image

A clear and informative page was designed with a quick customer data capture section. Both the colour palette and media chosen for the design were to emphasise reliability and trust. Our content writers detailed real life testimonials from existing clients to reinforce that Easy Knock offer a reliable service.

The Result

Conversion rates doubled

Coupled with a well thought out paid advertising campaigned designed and managed by Wallop! visitor to lead conversion rates have doubled. Easy Knock are now benefitting from twice as many new business enquiries than before.

Improved Conversion Rate
Increased Lead Generation
Increased Visitor Traffic