Giraffe Money are an FCA authorised debt introducer that we have worked closely alongside for a number of years producing landing pages and campaign material for their ongoing marketing strategy.


Engaging video that encourages social engagement

To produce an engaging video for use on social media. The main brief was to be positive and light hearted but also inform the audience that debt help and affordable payments were available from Giraffe Money

The Solution

Who doesn’t love dogs!?

It was decided to use an animal to articulate the message. A short 15 second video using a dog named ‘Elvis’ with accompanying voice over gave a narrative with a similar sounding backing track. A drastically different approach from the client’s main competitors.

The Result

Social engagement, and low cost lead generation

A positive reception on social media, with many likes and shares with low cost lead generation.

Increased Lead Generation
Reduced Lead Cost
Positive Engagement