Giraffe Money are a financial services company offering free debt advice to customers across the UK.


Quickly understanding media coverage

Personal debt is a subject most people are reluctant to discuss, and this stigma meant that engagement from potential visitors was traditionally very low. Historically the theme of marketing for companies in this sector was deemed to be negative, pessimistic and overly formal.

The Solution

Well positioned, supportive branding.

A contemporary branding message that emphasized non judgmental support, and encouraged engagement from people that needed help. We designed and built a suite of landing pages that offered clear calls to actions, and presented their offering in a friendly and helpful way.

The Result

Better conversion rates, more leads, less spend

Giraffe Money saw a significant boost in conversion rates, an improved engagement rate across social media platforms and a reduction in overall cost per lead. The approach has now been adapted for a major national advertising campaign across multiple channels.

Improved Conversion Rate
Reduced Lead Cost
Increased Lead Generation