Your Debt Support needed a Facebook specific campaign to drive traffic to their landing pages.


Nobody likes to admit they’re in debt

To achieve maximum impact on Facebook, audience engagement is key. Our client’s previous experience proved that engagement to debt related posts was extremely low. Audiences did not want to share content that could suggest they needed assistance with debt.

The Solution

A brand messaging, focused on a debt free future

We reinforced the positivity of our client’s services. Instead of focusing on how much debt people may be in or how difficult it can be living with debt, we promoted a forward looking vision of the benefits of life after debt.

The Result

A lower CPL and increased landing page traffic

As a result of the positive messaging this campaign achieved far more audience support on Facebook. The direct result was a reduced cost-per-lead for Your Debt Support and a spike in landing page traffic.

Reduced Lead Cost
Positive Engagement
Increased Visitor Traffic