Your Debt Support offer personal debt advice and assistance across the UK. Engagement on social platforms was proving difficult.


Encourage positive engagement on negative subject matter.

Engagement was a struggle for the clients existing media, as personal debt unfortunately carries a negative stigma. The company’s existing audience proved hesitant to engage with ads that may suggest they require financial assistance.

The Solution

Focus on the positives, address the solution not the problem

We decided on a radically different approach compared to our client’s key competitors. We decided to build an animated ad campaign to encourage engagement specifically across social media platforms. The content focussed on the positive outcome rather than the negative causes of debt.

The Result

More shares/likes/retweets than any previous media

The campaign had a positive engagement across all social media, with more shares and retweets than any previous advertising the client had used. The direct result was a 100% increase on landing page visits.

Positive Engagement
Improved Brand Awareness
Increased Visitor Traffic